AUC discussed with CNSA on China-Africa space cooperation.

AUC Department of Human resource science and technology (HRST) discussed with delegates of CNSA in African union head quarter Addis Ababa on China –Africa space cooperation. On the discussion Chinese delegates presented China-Africa space cooperation and in the way that they work together in space technology. And also in African side AUC, HRST staffs presented African space policy and strategy and discussed in detail in the areas of cooperation.

The vice president of CNSA Mr. Wu said space technology and satellites applications will promote and boost socio economic development so the goal of this visit and discussion is to enhance the cooperation between china and Africa in space technology.The director of Human resource science and technology of African union Dr. Mahama Ouedraogo said china and Africa are linked in friendship in all areas of development and we will thank you enough for visiting us and come up with cooperation idea.

Dr.Mahama added AU will establish Africa space agency nearly and get to work and satellite communication, remote sensing and space science astronomy are the areas that we want to work cooperatively with our Chinese partners  . Dr.Mahama also asked the delegate to develop action plan with letter of intent which they guided and the agreement will signed by Au commissioner in the next discussion.

At the end both sides agree that on the basis of the letter of intent and come to the point to jointly promote the memorandum of understanding on space cooperation between CNSA and the AU.