Tasks of EA-ROAD

  1. Fostering the goals of the IAU Strategic Plan in the East African Region
  2. Regional management, coordination and evaluation of IAU capacity- building programs,   including   recruiting   and   mobilizing   volunteers
  3. Liaison  with  OAD  and  the  three  sector  Task  Forces  (Universities  and  Research;  Children  and  Schools;  and  Public  Outreach)  in  planning  and  implementing  relevant  programs  within  the  region  in  each  of  these  sectors
  4. Provision   of   regional   support   where   relevant   for   IAU-endorsed activities in the development, education, and outreach
  5. Coordination  of  Contacts  between  the  IAU  and  National  Authorities  in  the region.
  6. Provision of  advice,  guidance  and  information  for    scientists,  and  technologist of the field  in all countries in the East African Region about  IAU programs
  7. Proactive initiation and coordination about fund-raising activities for regional development activities
  8. Reporting   regularly   to   OAD,   and   IAU   executive   Committee   where required on activities of the regional node
  9. Provision and dissemination of information, resources and current affairs of the region continuously via full-fledged website.