Up Coming PhD Thesis defense   Recently updated !

ESSTI-EORC will hold its third PhD defense hearing of Mr. Seblu Hume on Friday 31, 2019 9:30 a.m. with the presence of postgraduate student and scientific staff of ESSTI. Mr. Seblu is a 4th year PhD candidate at Astronomy and Astrophysics department of ESSTI-EORC. He has been working his PhD […]

ለ2ኛ እና 3ኛ ዲግሪ ትምህርት ፈላጊዎች በሙሉ

የኢትዮጵያ ስፔስ ሳይንስ እና ቴክኖሎጂ ኢንስቲትዩት በእንጦጦ ኦብዘርቫቶሪ ምርምር ማእከል ከአዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ጋር በመተባበር በ2012አ.ም በ2ኛ እና 3ኛ ዲግሪ በተዘረዘሩት የትምህርት አይነቶች ተማሪዎችን ተቀብሎ ማስተማር ይፈልጋል:: ለበለጠ መረጃ

Innovation &Technology Awareness Training

The Innovation &Technology awareness Training organized for Human Resource and Technology Affairs Standing Committee members of Ethiopian Parlama is held from 6-7 March 2019 at Bishof. The awareness training is about the role of innovation & technology for the rapid development of the country and the focus areas of Ministry […]

Vacancy Announcement for Female Applicants

Vacancy Announcement for Female Applicants who Wants to do Research on Space Science Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute want to support female researchers and aim to cover all the necessary costs for them to do research on space science and technology areas. The applicants should fulfill the required qualification […]

Updated Information

The 2019 African Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences (AFIPS) International Workshop and the First Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute Annual Conference will be held from 04-07 Feb 2019 will be taking place at Ethiopia Hotel here

IAU 100-Ethiopia

100 Hours of Astronomy under the Ethiopian Sky The Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI), in collaboration with the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS), East Africa Regional office of Astronomy for development (EA-ROAD) and the International Astronomical Union (IAU) have celebrated the IAU 100 Hours of Astronomy Celebration from […]