The bust of Yuri Gagarin is Installed @ ESSTI Head Quarter

The bust of Yuri Gagarian, the first man in space, installation at the Head Quarter of ESSTI was officially opened by the guest of honors H.E Dr. Ing. Getahun Mekuria, Minster, Ministry of Innovation and Technology and H.E Mr. Vsevolod I. TKACHENKO, Ambassador, Embassy of Russian Federation in Ethiopia and Mr. Vladimir. M. POLOZKOV, Secretary General Russian Association for International Cooperation (RAMS), on 28th November 2018.
On the occasion distinguished invited guests from Russian Embassy, Amb. of Kazakhstan, Amb. of Azerbaijan , Ethiopian Space Science Society(ESSS), House of representatives Standing Committee for international Affairs, , Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute(EBTI), Ethiopian Innovation and Technology Institute, Ethiopian Geospatial information Institute, Ethiopian Space Science Society(ESSS), Addis Ababa and Kotebe Metropolitan University, ESSTI staff and students and medias were presented.

On the opening ceremony, H.E. Dr. Ing. Getahun said that the bust of Yuri Gagarin being installed at ESSTI main office will have a great role in terms of inspiring Ethiopian youths and scientists to be space engineers and future astronauts, beside it strengthen the relation between Ethiopia –Russia to further cooperate and work together in the space program. H.E Getahun further asserted that Ethiopia is ready to work together with Russia in space areas that will participate the exchange of expertise and transfer of knowledge and capacity building that would support the ongoing ESSTI Postgraduate training as well as space development program of Ethiopia. He also added that Ethiopia will join soon the space arena and will also contribute its part in the field of space development.

The Russian Ambassador, in his part, mentioned about 120 years of Ethiopian-Russia diplomatic relation and he said the presentation of the bust of Gagarin to Ethiopia particularly to ESSTI will strength further the two countries relation and pave aground for bilateral cooperation in space Areas. He further mentioned that, the legacy of Yuri, being in space has made a great revolutionary in space exploration history and he mentioned Yuri was not only cosmonaut but also advocate of peace in the world by quoting his words ‘ when I saw the earth from space it is so small that we have to keep it safe‘.

The ESSTI Director General, Dr. Solomon also said that the installation of the bust of Yuri Gagarin at ESSTI building indicates the strong commitment of Russian to work with Ethiopian in space science development and he mentioned that the presence of Yuri Gagarian bust at the space institute will trigger the students and researchers to work hard in their carrier.

The busts of Yuri Gagarin installed over 23 countries in a number of educational institutions, parks and streets of the various world cities supported by the international charity of public fund of the «Dialogue of Cultures – United World» .
The bust of Yuri Gagarin installed in Ethiopia is the first in Africa continent.