1. The applicants who are accepted for admission are required to bring their original and copy of academic credentials and other testimonials
    during registration
  2. Registration will be on Friday, March 18, 2022 in person.
  3. All governmental sponsored applicants should bring sponsorship letter during registration
  4. Applicants should also bring four (4) passport size photos
  5. Avenue: ESSTI 2, 6killo,Fikir plaza 6th floor, Addis Ababa

NOTE: The arrival of your official transcript to ESSTI Registrar office is mandatory before the aforementioned registration dates (P.O.Box: 33679

PhD in Aerospace Engineering
NoNo List of Applicants
1Haile Simachew Wale
2Michael Ayele G/Michael
M.Sc. in Space Engineering
NoList of Applicants
1Abdulaziz Abajeebal
2Asnake Tilahun Haroo
3Dawit Muluken
4Eden Abeselom
5Kirubel Menberu Yitayew
M.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering
NoList of Applicants
1Abenezer Sisay
2Biruk Bekele
3Firaol Lengisa
4Gizachew yitayal
5Haben Abreha