Call for Application for M.Sc. and PhD Programs

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The Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) would like to announce an application to the following Regular Msc and Ph.D. Programs in which potential candidates can apply with the listed thematic areas.

  1. Msc and PhD degree in Remote Sensing
  2. Msc and PhD in Space Science
    • Aeronomy (Ionospheric Physics) and Geomagnetism, Heliophysics and Plasma Physics, Atmospheric and Climate Science, and Coupling of the lower Atmosphere-Ionospheremagnetosphere (AIM).
  3. Msc and PhD degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics
    • Extragalactic Astronomy, Stellar Astronomy, Cosmology, Solar Astrophysics, and Planetary Science. Under each of the thematic areas Machine Learning and Data Science in Astronomy, Optical, Infrared and Radio Astronomy will also b given.
  4. PhD degree in Geodesy
    • Space Geodesy, Geometric Geodesy, and Geodetic Astronomy

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