Call for Manuscript for Abay Journal of Space Research (AJSR)

Abay Journal of Space Research (AJSR)

Abay Journal of Space Research (AJSR) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes results of original research and reviews in all disciplines of space science, technology and their application, including astronomy and astrophysics, Earth observations, space application, atmospheric physics, geo-spatial sciences, space engineering, etc. AJSR publishes both observational and theoretical research, computational and numerical simulations, techniques of ground and space-based instrumentation development, space science data, and space science applications. AJSR established in 2021 by the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI)1, to promote space science and technology in Ethiopia and beyond, and to become with time one of the leading and recognized journals in the field.

This is one of the very few space science journals established in Africa. However, taking into account the recent developments in space science and technology across the continent, including the establishment of new space agencies, research centers, university departments, etc., the establishment of AJSR is timely. With this journal, we would like to inspire space science MSc and Ph.D. students and young researchers in Africa to promote their work, by giving them the possibility to publish their research findings for free and to improve their scientific writing skills by going through the critical and professional peer-reviewing manuscripts process.

Review Process

AJSR is an online-only publication and is a fully open-access journal for both authors and readers. All papers are reviewed independently by at least two reviewers. All parties (reviewers and authors) stay anonymous to each other which guarantees the objectivity of the AJSR reviewing process.

Scope of AJSR

We will accept papers that focus on Astronomy and astrophysics, geodesy and geodynamics, remote sensing, space sciences and applications and aerospace engineering, technology, and applications.

Manuscript submission

Authors can submit their manuscript to AJSR editorial office with the following e-mail address:

For further information and AJSR guidelines, please check the website of the journal:

AJSR Editorial office

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