High Computing & Data Admin. Directorate

Staff Profile

Messay WeldeHana

ICT and High Computing Data Administration Directorate Director

Master of Science in Communication Engineering and Networking

Ermyas Aklilu

Associate researcher

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Building a Better Computational Environment !!

Information is important at every level of human inquiry today, from personal to corporate, local to international. As a consequence, significant commercial as well as academic effort has been directed toward developing computer-based systems that facilitate the organization, storage, retrieval, analysis, and interpretation of information. Having this in mind the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute established High Computing, ICT and Data Administration Directorate. The directorate currently is working in building the basic ICT infrastructure that the institute requires to have. Some of the ICT infrastructure under construction is

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
The ERP is a system which is under construction of the High Computing. The ERP system is a package which includes Human Resource, Inventory and Letter Management that shares the same database. Among this, currently the directorate begins to automating Letter Management. This system will automate the business process of Record office.

Digital library
The ESSTI is providing Ph.D. and M.Sc. training in four fields of studies. It has a total of 40 students. The digital library will be used to store the available books in soft copy and will provide access to the students and the institute staff’s regarding the courses, previous exam and notes of each department. The Digital Library will be designed using a tool is called D-Space.

Data Center and LAN
The data center is designed mainly for the different application the directorate design to develop. It also used to manage this application, internet and web.

The institute plans to build space technologies that can gather big data from satellite, Ground stations and Telescope. The directorate plans to build a high computing facility that can process, store and analyses this big data, so that the directorate can build a better computational environment for the institute researchers and PhD students. In order to accomplish this, the directorate has already established collaboration with the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in the area of High Computing and Big Data Analysis.

One of the Technology focus area of the directorate is High-performance computing (HPC). HPC is well suited and steadily being adopted for myriad defense and aerospace applications. HPC currently is playing a major role in: training and simulation; on-board systems for navigation, defense, and attack; and command, control, communications, intelligence, computers and surveillance.