Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Development Dept


Astronomy and astrophysics (A&A) research and development division has been established in 2014 under the Entoto Observatory and Research Centre (EORC), and in 2016 became a part of the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI). This division is still young and in constant development. If you would like to help voluntarily with research, instrumentation development, training of young staff members and/or our students, Entoto Observatory (EO) development, and/or outreach, please contact us.


Major Activity

            – Research

            – Instrumentation development

            – Entoto Observatory

            – Post-graduate programme in A&A

            – Outreach

Project on Progress

Field :  Extragalactic astronomy (PI. Dr. Mirjana Pović)

   Title: Physics of Low Ionisation Nuclear Emission-line Regions (LINERs)

   Principal Investigator:  Mirjana Pović under the IAA-CSIC (Spain) 'Nuclear activity in galaxies' group, Daudi Mazengo (MSc student, UoD, Tanzania), Jiwaji Noorali (Open Univ., Tanzania), and Jefta Mvukaye Sunzu (UoD, Tanzania)
   Title: Morphological properties of active galaxies in deep surveys

   Principal Investigator:  Tilahun Getachew (PhD student), Mirjana Pović, Josefa Masegosa (IAA-CSIC, Spain), Jaime Perea (IAA-CSIC), Isabel Márquez-Pérez (IAA-CSIC)
   Title: Properties of galaxies with the highest growth rate

   Principal Investigator:  Dejene Zewdie (MSc student), and Mirjana Pović
   Title: Testing alternative method of measuring the accretion rate in galaxies

   Principal Investigator:  Asrate Gaulle (MSc student), and Mirjana Pović
   Title: Properties of galaxies in galaxy clusters up to z ~ 1.0

   Principal Investigator:  Zeleke Amado Beyoro (PhD student), Mirjana Pović, Miguel Sánchez-Portal (IRAM, Spain), Solomon Belay Tessema, and the GLACE team
   Title : Study of green valley galaxies

   Principal Investigator:  Antoine Mahoro (PhD student, SAAO, SA), Beatrice Nyiransengiyumva (PhD candidate, UoR, Rwanda), Mirjana Pović, Pheneas Nkundabakura (UoR, Rwanda), Petri Vaisanen (SAAO), Moses Mogotsi (SAAO), Solohery Randriamamoandry (SAAO), Josefa Masegosa (IAA-CSIC), Isabel Márquez-Pérez (IAA-CSIC), and Sara Caziolli (IAA-CSIC)
   Title: High resolution spectroscopy of nearby active galaxies using EO

   Principal Investigator:  ESSTI staff members

Field : Cultural Astronomy(PI. Dr. Solomon Belay Tessema)

   Title: Ethiopian cultural astronomy

   Principal Investigator:  Solomon Belay Tessema,  Mekbib Tamerat
   Title: Cultural astronomy in Eastern Africa

Instrumentation Development

   Title: The assembly of small refractors

   Principal Investigator:  Mekbib Tamerat (PI), Biruk Abrham, Fraol Linjsa, and Eyoas Ergetu
   Title: Planet8 weight scale design

   Principal Investigator:  Eyoas Ergetu (PI), Sebhat Tadesse, Mekbib Tamerat, Biruk Abrham, Daniel Fekadu, Alazar Seyum, and Fraol Linjsa
   Title: Construction and automation of small type Dobsonian telescope

   Principal Investigator:  Eyoas Ergetu (PI), Sebhat Tadesse, Mekbib Tamerat, Biruk Abrham, Daniel Fekadu, Alazar Seyum, Jerusalem Tamerat, and Fraol Linjsa
   Title: EO telescope mirror thermal modeling

   Principal Investigator:  Eyoas Ergetu (PI)
   Title: Virtual EO telescope simulation

   Principal Investigator:  Sebehat Tadesse (PI)
   Title: The provision of an alternative source of energy for EO rooms

   Principal Investigator:  Alazar Seyum (PI), Biruk Abrham, and  Mekbib Tamirat
   Title: Construction of a 3-D printer

   Principal Investigator:  Fraol Linjasa (PI), Biruk Abrham, and  Daniel Fekadu

EO Development 

   Title: EO characterisation

   Principal Investigator:  Leonid Berdnikov (PI), Mirjana Pović, Solomon Belay Tessema, Eyoas Ergetu (PI), Sebhat Tadesse, Mekbib Tamerat, Biruk Abrham, Daniel Fekadu, Alazar Seyum, Jerusalem Tamerat, and Fraol Linjsa
   Title: Software development at the EO

   Principal Investigator:  Leonid Berdnikov (PI), Mirjana Pović, Solomon Belay Tessema, Sebhat Tadesse,


Publication YearTitle and AuthorAccess
2017Evolutionary computations of nonconservative mass transfer
in Algols

S. H. Negu* S. B. Tessema

Full Version
2018Introduction to Ethiopian Calendars
Getinet Feleke, Tolu Biressa, Mekbeb Tamrat, Dugasa Belay, Etsegenet Getachew, Eyoas Ergetu, Sebhat Tadesse, Mirjana Pović, Solomon Belay Tessema, Jerusalem Tamirat, Leonid Berdnikov, and Biruk Abrham; under the book ‘Kaleidoscope of experiences in cultural astronomy’, IBAN: 978-84-15771-71-5
Full Version
2018Optical spectroscopy of local type-1 AGN LINERs
Cazzoli, S.; Márquez, I.; Masegosa, J.; del Olmo, A.; Pović, M.; González-Martín, O.; Balmaverde, B.; Hernández-García, L.; García-Burillo, S., MNRAS, 840, 1106
Full Version
2018Variable broad lines and outflow in the weak blazar PBC J2333.9-2343
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Full Version
2018Development in astronomy and space science in Africa
Pović, M., Backes, M., Baki, P., Baratoux, D., Tessema, S. B., Benkhaldoun, Z., Bode, M., Klutse, N. A. B., Charles, P., Govender, K., and 13 coauthors (including Mamo, A., Yilma, A., and Walwa, T.), Nature Astronomy, 2, 507
Full Version
2018High redshift galaxies in the ALHAMBRA survey. II. Strengthening the evidence of bright-end excess in UV luminosity functions at 2.5 ≤ z≤ 4.5 by PDF analysis
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Full Version
2018Starburst to Quiescent from HST/ALMA: Stars and Dust Unveil Minor Mergers in Submillimeter Galaxies at z ~ 4.5
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Full Version
2018The ALHAMBRA survey: 2D analysis of the stellar populations in massive early-type galaxies at z < 0.3
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Full Version
2018The Structure of a Quasi-Keplerian Accretion Disk around Magnetized Stars
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Full Version
2018Star formation history: Modeling of visual binaries
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Full Version
2018Optical spectroscopy of the blue supergiant Sk-69° 279 and its circumstellar shell with SALT
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Full Version
2018A study of perturbations in scalar-tensor theory using 1 + 3 covariant approach
Ntahompagaze, Joseph; Abebe, Amare; Mbonye, Manasse; IJMPD, 2750033
Full Version
2018Reconstructing f(R) gravity from a Chaplygin scalar field in de Sitter spacetimes
Sami, Heba; Namane, Neo; Ntahompagaze, Joseph; Elmardi, Maye; Abebe, Amare
Full Version
2017ELDAR, a new method to identify AGN in multi-filter surveys: the ALHAMBRA test case
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Full Version
2017Star formation of far-IR AGN and non-AGN galaxies in the green valley: possible implication of AGN positive feedback
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Full Version
2017The AGN nature of LINER nuclear sources
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
2017Investigation of open clusters based on IPHAS and APASS survey data
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
2016On utmost multiplicity of hierarchical stellar systems
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Full Version
2015Study of Principal Catalogues of Visual Double Stars
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Full Version
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Full Version
2015Binary star database: binaries discovered in non-optical bands
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Full Version
2015Discovery of a new bona fide luminous blue variable in Norma
Gvaramadze, V. V.; Kniazev, A. Y.; Berdnikov, L. N.; MNRAS, 454, 3710
Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
2015WS1: one more new Galactic bona fide luminous blue variable★
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
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Full Version
2014Stability of Accretion Discs around Magnetized Stars
Tessema, Solomon Belay; IJAA, 4, 319
Full Version

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