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Remote sensing Research and Development Department (RSR&DD) is one of the entities under Entoto Observatory and Research center (EORC), Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI). The department is providing Master of Science (MSc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) level postgraduate training in Remote Sensing. This postgraduate training is mainly focused on the science, technology and application of optical, hyperspecteral, thermal and microwave remote sensing as well as land surface and atmospheric remote sensing. The training modality is mainly composed of a mixture of theoretical and extensive practical and digital image processing work to provide profound research and technical skills. On the other hand, this department is dedicated to conduct operational research and delivering community service so as to contribute for tackling the contemporary Ethiopian development challenges.


Project on Progress

   Title: RSRDP/01/2010: Evaluation of the Status and National Demand of Earth Observation Application for Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Natural Disaster Response in Ethiopia. 

Principal Investgator: Dr. Berhan Gessesse(PI), Dr. Worku Zewdie (Co-PI),  Mr. Tsegaye Demsis (Co-PI), Mr. Melaku Muka (Co-PI) and Mr. Tesfamariam Engeda(Co-PI)
   Title: RSRDP/02/2010: Enhancing Earth Observation-based Drought Forecasting and Predication Services for Decision Support System in Ethiopia 

Principal Investigator: Dr. Berhan Gessesse(PI), Dr. Worku Zewdie (Co-PI),  Mr. Tsegaye Demsis (Co-PI), Mr. Melaku Muka (Co-PI) and Mr. Tesfamariam Engeda(Co-PI)
   Title: RSRDP/03/2010: Introducing Precision Agriculture Technology in Ethiopia: An Opportunity to Enhance Farming Productivity.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Berhan Gessesse(PI), Dr. Worku Zewdie (Co-PI),  Mr. Tsegaye Demsis (Co-PI), Dr. Tulu Besha (Co-PI).                                                                             
   Title: RSRDP/04/2010: Monitoring of near real-time forest and landscape dynamics using satellite time series observations with emphasis on enhancing implementation of REDD+ initiatives in Ethiopia. 

Principal Investigator: Dr. Worku Zewdie (PI), Dr. Berhan Gessesse (Co-PI) and Mr. Tsegaye Demsis (Co-PI).                                                                           
   Title: RSRDP/05/2010: Integration of In-situ and Remotely Sensed Data set for Pasture Quality and Quantity Assessment to enhance livestock production.

Principal Investigator: Mr. Tesfamariam Engeda (PI) Mr. Tsegaye Demsis (Co-PI) and Mr. Melaku Muka (Co-PI).                                                                                          


Publication YearTitle and AuthorAccess
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Agenagnew A. Gessessea and Assefa M. Melesse
Full Version
2019Land use dynamics and base and peak flow responses in the Choke mountain range, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Agenagnew A. Gessessea,b, Assefa M. Melessec and Anteneh Z. Abiyc
Full Version
2018Assessing and Quantifying Impacts of Land Use and Climate Changes on Hydrological Processes: Review, Journal of Environment and Earth Sciences, 8(3),10-18.
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Getachew Tesfaye, Tsegaye Tadesse, Berhan Gessesse and Tufa Denku
2018Spatio-temporal assessment of vegetation phenology in the dry sub-humid region of Nigeria using multi-temporal time series of AVHRR: Geoscience 10:1–11.
Babatunde Adeniyi Osunmadewa; Worku Zewdie ; Elmar Csaplovics; Olabinjo Clement Adeofun

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