Internal Projects

NoProject CodeProject TitleProject PIDate of CommencementExpected Date of Completion
Astronomy and Astrophysics Research and Development Department
1Theoretical models of mass transfer in Algol-type eclipsing binariesDr. Seblu HumneDec-19Jun-22
2Characterization of Entoto astronomical site and testing of Entoto telescopesDr. MirjanaDec-19Dec-24
3Relativistic Stellar Structure Modelling in f (R) GravityDr. Gemechu MuletaOct-21Dec-24
4Study of cosmic acceleration and large-scale structure formation us-ing SNIa, BAO and GRB data in modified gravity theoriesDr. Shambel SahluOct-21Dec-23
Geodesy and Geodynamics
1Optimum CORS Network Design for Geodetic Applications over EthiopiaMr. Natnael AgegnehuNov-19Dec-21
2Detection of Earth Fissures Using Etrss-1 Image &Drone as Nascent Natural Hazard: Implication to the Main Ethiopian RiftDr. Solomon GerraFeb-21Feb-23
3Assessment of Earthquake and Damage Analysis of Samara Town, Afar, EthiopiaMr. Wondwossen MindahunFeb-21Feb-23
4Estimation of Terrestrial Water Storage variations and its Components Using Satellite Gravimetric Data and Land Surface Model Over Major Basins of EthiopiaMr. Natnael AgegnehuNov-21Nov-23
1Open-Source Scientific Software Customization and Development for ESSTIMr. Ermyas Aklilu.Oct-21Jul-22
2Assessing and Managing Space and Geospatial Big data.Mr. Getnet G/egziabherSep-21Sep-22
Remote Sensing Research and Development Department
1Integration of Remote Sensing and Ground Measured Data Analysis for Sustainable Cotton Farm Management in EthiopiaDr Getcahew T.Apr-21Apr-23
2Desert Locust Monitoring and Forecasting using machine learning and satellite productsDr. Worku ZMay-21Jun-23
3Monitoring Water Quality with Earth observation technology in the Case of Lake TanaMr. Wubetu A 04- 2021 December ,2022
4Integrated and web enabled drought watching and forecasting Systems Using Earth Observation Products in EthiopiaMr. Alexander T.Apr-21Apr-23
5Validation of 4 Global Digital Elevation Models against Real-Time-Kinematic GNSS Measured Datasets in Ethiopia
Dr. Berhan G.Jun-21Jun-23
6Remote Sensing for Agricultural Transformation Advisory Support ProgramDr. Berhan G.
7Developing Tourist Sites Map of Gamo and South Omo Zones for Supporting Ethiopian Digital Economy Transformation ProgramDr. Gizachew KJul-21Jul-22
Satellite Operations R&D Directorate
1Very Small Apertures Terminals (VSAT) Installation at ESSTIMr. Wudu WorkuApr-21Jul-22
2ESSTI Satellite Imagery catalogue, Analysis and data dissemination system (EDAAS)Mr. Melaku MukaOct-21Oct-22
Space Science and Application R&D
1Development of Space Weather Monitoring CenterDr Nigussie Mezgebe1/5/20181/1/2023
2Validating ionospheric tomography using ionosonde data over East Africa ionosphere (ongoing)Dr Nigussie Mezgebe1/11/201930/06/2022
4Representation of the Mean Climate and Oceanic Teleconnections over the Ethiopian Highlands within the New German Weather and Climate Model (ICON):Dr Titike Kassa1/11/2019Terminated on 30 August, 2021 (80% completion as of June 3 report): Resignation
5The synergistic impacts of heatwaves or droughts and urban heat islands on the availability and quality of water in the greater horn of AfricaDr. Gemechu Fanta1/1/202031/11/2022
6Investigating the response of ionosphere to different geomagnetic storms and performance of IRI-Plas model over the East African sectorMr. Daniel Atnafu1/2/202030/04/2022
7Space Physics Text BookDr. Ephrem Beshir30/10/202030/12/2021
Dr. Nigussie Mezgebe
Dr. Teshome Dugassa
Mr. Yekoye Asmare
Mr. Daniel Atnafu
Mr. Samson Tilahun
8Evaluation of surface energy balance representation by climate models over EthiopiaMrs. Amarech Alebie (PI)03/01/216/30/2022
9Understanding the role of external forcing factors on the occurrence of ionosphericDr. Teshome Dugassa (PI)1/3/20211/9/2023
irregularities by utilizing multi-instrumental observation data
10Variation of ionospheric parameters in the globe and their impact on satellite based communication (phase II, ongoing)Mr. Yekoye Asmare1/7/202130/06/2022
11Techno-Economic Analysis of Space And/Or Ground Based Augmentation System in Ethiopia: Project Concept Note and Feasibility Study DevelopmentDr. Nigussie Mezgebe (PI)Oct-21Jul-22
12The study of ionospheric structures using machine learning approach and model predictions.Dr. Ephrem BeshirOct-21Jul-23
13Development of a Regional HF Propagation Prediction Model for Communication Applications.Mr. Yekoye AsmareOct-21Oct-24
Aerospace engineering Research and Development Department
1Cube sat projectMr. Nathnael Fikadu22/09/2131/03/22
2Fixed-wing UAVMr. Abenezer Zegeye22/09/2131/05/22
3Space port site selectionMr. Lijalem G/ Hiwot23/12/202031/12/21
4Hybrid RocketMr. Yared Getahun23/12/202031/10/22
5Hexacopter UAVMr. Bethelhem Nigussie23/12/202031/05/22
6ET-space portMr. Gedlu Solomon22/09/2130/03/22
7C02 laser cutterMr. Eden Abeselom22/09/2130/11/22

External projects

No.Project TitleProject PIDate of CommencementExpected Date of Completion
1Climate prediction using neural network model over upper Blue Nile basin, EthiopiaDr. Megbar WondieJun-20Oct-21
2Optimizing applicability of physical based Weather Forecasting and Climate prediction for high resolution impact characterization over the rugged topography of EthiopiaDr. Haileselassie G.MariamJun-20Jun-22
3Retrieving basin-wide atmospheric water vapor and Soil Moisture products using multi-GNSSDr. Yohannes GetachewMay-21May-24
4Developing animal forage biomass monitoring and prediction system using high resolution optical remote sensing in Eastern Amhara and Afar region: Supporting efficient forage management and making informed decisionDr. Derege TsegayeMay-21Mar-24
5Modelling and Web-Based Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon using Remote Sensing Products and Machine Learning Technique to support Carbon Trading Strategy: The Case of Upper Blue Nile Basin Agricultural LandscapeDr. Assefa AbegazJun-21May-23
6Regional Ionosphere Specification: Understanding ionospheric variability through observational analysis and deep neural network modelingDr. Ambelu TebabalMay-21May-22
7Design and development of hybrid UAV for blood and other medical package deliveryElias YirdawMay-21Jun-22
8Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Agricultural use.Bruhtesfa MulugetaMay 2021 230 June 202
9UAV Assisted Smart System Based Precision AgricultureBiruck AbrahamMay-21June 2022.