Geodesy and Geo-dynamic Research and Development

What We Do

Geodesy is the science of mathematically determining the size, shape and position of the earth and the nature of the earth’s gravity field. Geodynamics is a subfield of geophysics dealing with dynamics of the Earth that applies physics, chemistry and mathematics to the understanding of how mantle, convection leads to plate tectonics and geologic phenomena such as seafloor speeding, mountain building, volcanoes, earthquakes, faulting and so on. 


The department works different scientific researches mainly focus on the thematic area of the department as well as the institute that have a great role to the economic and development of the country.

Teaching and Advising

The department provide PhD program in Geodesy and Geodynamics that covers mathematical geodesy, physical geodesy, satellite geode­sy, processing and analysis of measurements, and geo-informatics.