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Establishment of ESSTI

The Establishment of Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) and Council are Approved

On October 14, 2016, the Council of Ministers approved the Establishment of Ethiopian Space Science and Technology  Institute and Council, pursuant to article 5 and 39 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia proclamation No. 916/2015.

The main objectives of Establishment of Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute(ESSTI) are to enable the country to fully exploit multidimensional uses of space science and technologies; to produce demand based knowledgeable, skilled and attitudinally matured professionals matured professionals in the field of aerospace science that enable the country to become internationally competitive in the sector; to develop and strengthen space science and technology infrastructures to speed up space science and technology development in the country; and enable the country to be robust contributor for the development of aerospace science and technology.

The Space Council will have power and duties to provide directions and leadership support by evaluating space science policies, plans and strategies. It will also provide the necessary guidance and support for the proper and timely implementation of the Space Science and Technology plans of ESSTI.

The Approval of the ESSTI is one big step forward for the development of Ethiopian Space Science activities that will give advantage for Ethiopia to be effective and extensive user of space science and technology for its sustainable developments.


The institute shall have the following power and duties:

  1. Undertake research in areas of aerospace science and technology;
  2. Formulate space policy and strategy consistent with the present and future needs of the country and implement same upon approval by the government;
  3. Prepare aerospace development plans  of the country and implement same upon approval by the government;
  4. Support Aerospace science and related activities carried out at national level and regulate their alignment with the national development needs;
  5. Design, Produce and launch aerospace developmental activities;
  6. Design strategies that ensure the fulfillment of man power with requisite quantity and quality of the  sector in an expeditious manner and following-up its implementation;
  7. Establish research centers supporting capacity development of the country’s space science and technology;
  8. Support local manufacturing industries in order to produce various equipment to be utilize  in space development service;
  9. Gather and compile information supporting aerospace development and carry on fact finding missions;
  10. Issue permit to persons desire to engage in space activities, control their operation, register space objects and regulate in collaboration with other relevant organs overall aerospace activities   that emanate within and outside the country and operated in the country’s jurisdiction;
  11. Works in cooperation with other concerned organs on space flight and activities that are related with the country’s peace and security matters;
  12. Establish and strengthen cooperation with institutions of the countries having  similar objectives and may provide support to the sector;
  13. Sign international and regional agreements consists with the national interest and implement same upon ratification;
  14. Carryout other related activities necessary for the attainment of its objectives.