What We Do

Information is important at every level of human inquiry today, from personal to corporate, local to international. As a consequence, significant commercial as well as academic effort has been directed toward developing computer-based systems that facilitate the organization, storage, retrieval, analysis, and interpretation of information. Having this in mind the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute established High Computing, ICT and Data Administration Directorate. The directorate currently is working in building the basic ICT infrastructure that the institute requires to have.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The ERP is a system which is under construction of the High Computing. The ERP system is a package which includes Human Resource, Inventory and Letter Management that shares the same database.

Digital library

The digital library will be used to store the available books in soft copy and will provide access to the students and the institute staff’s regarding the courses, previous exam and notes of each department.

Data Center

The data center is designed mainly for the different application the directorate design to develop. It also used to manage this application, internet and web.


Propose satellite development programs and projects in collaboration with domestic institutions based on need assessment and follow up the implementation progress


Establish linkages with national higher education institutions, research centers, and governmental/non-governmental organizations to speed up the implementation of satellite technology within the country

Big Data Management

With the launch of own satellites control and monitor the proper functionality of satellites in orbit ground operations