Job Vacancy: Assistant Professor and Above in Observational Astronomy

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Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI), Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EORC) is a newly emerging national astronomy and astrophysics, space science and Earth observation research center, actively doing research and offering postgraduate (MSc and PhD) training in areas of astronomy and astrophysics, geodesy, remote sensing, space science, and satellite technology to enhance the use of space sciences in general and related and technologies as a tool to accelerate physical infrastructure development and economic growth of the country. Astronomy and Astrophysics Research and Development Department is currently running different research projects focused on theoretical/computational astrophysics and observational astronomy. The division is active in research and teaching on the national and East-African level and it is the driving force for the current development of space sciences and technology in the country and East-African region. In addition, ESSTI is running a small optical Entoto Observatory, located at some 10km away from Addis Ababa, with two twin telescopes of 1m, with available different CCD cameras and one high-resolution spectrograph.

Currently, ESSTI/EORC is looking for an outstanding and experienced candidate with a well-known record of academic achievements in research astronomical observations, and optical data reduction. We are seeking for a candidate who will focus principally on Entoto Observatory, its observations, and it functioning, considering the following detailed requirements listed in the table.

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