Lists of Accepted Ms.c. and PhD Applicants in 2022/2023

Lists of Accepted Ms.c. and PhD Applicants in 2022/2023 Academic Year at the Space Science and Geo-spatial Institute

I) PhD Applicants

NoNameTotal (100%)RemarksField
1Zerihun Chere Feleke84.2AcceptedPhD Remote Sensing
2Dereje Likissa Beyene76.65AcceptedPhD Remote Sensing
3Wubalem Wereket Tegegn68.4AcceptedPhD Remote Sensing
4Tadesse Hunduma Banja67.88AcceptedPhD Remote Sensing
5Sewunet shiferaw Gete67.3AcceptedPhD Remote Sensing
6Dereje Biru Debalke64.15AcceptedPhD Remote Sensing
7Solomon Buli62.781st ReservedPhD Remote Sensing
8Jemal Tefera Abebe61.782nd ReservedPhD Remote Sensing
9Tesfahun Endalew Admas60.923rd ReservedPhD Remote Sensing
10Abrhame W/Yohannse70.29AcceptedPhD Space Science
11Ayehu Alem65.75AcceptedPhD Space Science
12Tamiru Tolcha Bekele59.61AcceptedPhD Geodesy
13Kitessa Gidisa Boka69.13AcceptedPhD Geodesy
14Bekila Teshome78.15AcceptedPhD Astronomy & Astrophysics
15Ebise Nigusie74.98AcceptedPhD Astronomy & Astrophysics

II) PhD in Aerospace Engineering

NoNameTotal (100%)RemarksField
1Mulatu Aschenf70AcceptedPhD in Aerospace Engineering
2Bekalu Nebiy64AcceptedPhD in Aerospace Engineering
3Tmrsgen Betu73AcceptedPhD in Aerospace Engineering
4Habtamu Sewnet70AcceptedPhD in Aerospace Engineering

III) MS.c. applicants

NoNameTotal (100%)RemarksField
1Kalid Hassen Yasin76.6AcceptedMS.c. Remote Sensing
2Iman Abdella Yuya72.65AcceptedMS.c. Remote Sensing
3Tofik Redi Indris56.1AcceptedMS.c. Remote Sensing
4Andualem Ayele Wondimu63.5AcceptedMS.c. Remote Sensing
9Dereje Genzebe84.15AcceptedMS.c. Astronomy & Astrophysics
10Meron G/Wold84.38AcceptedMS.c. Astronomy & Astrophysics
11Sosina Desu82AcceptedMS.c. Astronomy & Astrophysics
12Hailemichael Belay71.27AcceptedMS.c. Astronomy & Astrophysics
13Eyerusalem Worku54.08AcceptedMS.c. Astronomy & Astrophysics