Satellite Development and Operation Research Directorate

What We Do

Satellite Research, Development and Operation Directorate has a leading role in the support and coordination of national satellite development projects and programs. Satellite technology has been playing an important role for the socio-economic transformation of countries since its advent. Satellites have got diverse applications to alleviate the prevailing problems of our world and have greatly changed the dynamics of the world.Using this potential to change our country is not a choice rather a must. Despite the huge financial investments needed to develop the associated technology, a big effort is underway at national level to speed up the development, adoption, and implementation of the technology. In this regard, the directorate is conducting a series of researches for the development and implementation of the technology within the country for its varied applications. It is pursuing researches with a focus on the development of micro to medium scale satellite systems and satellite data receiving ground station systems. The directorate will also responsible for in orbit operation of satellites launched by the institute and other international partners.

Satellite Technology Research and Development Programs

Conduct, coordinate, and support high-end state-of-the-art satellite technology research and development programs

Satellite System Development and Launching

Lead the development and launching of different satellite systems of earth observation, communication, metrology and other satellite systems

Satellite Data

Conducting satellite data users need requirements, preparing functional specifications that meet users’ requirements, conducting feasibility study and propose project plans with technical and financial requirements based on need assessments conducted.

Development Programs

Propose satellite development programs and projects in collaboration with domestic institutions based on need assessment and follow up the implementation progress

Collaborations with National Institutions

Establish linkages with national higher education institutions, research centers, and governmental/non-governmental organizations to speed up the implementation of satellite technology within the country

Control and Monitor Satellite

With the launch of own satellites control and monitor the proper functionality of satellites in orbit ground operations