What We Do

According to the Institute establishment proclamation terms of Definition, Space Engineering has an equivalent meaning with Aerospace Engineering that combines an aeronautical and astronautical of multidisciplinary engineering field. The directorate is under the Aeronautics and Astronautics research center, to take the leading role in the development of Aerospace Science and Technology.

Aerospace Systems Design & Development

The aerospace system design is requiring combined knowledge of mechanical, electrical, aeronautics, space, communication, material, fluid mechanics and other engineering disciplines.

Satellite System Development

In this thematic area high performance and efficient satellite subsystems, system components, high resolution cameras and sensors for the application of earth observation, high capacity receiving and transmitting systems for communication, accurate and precise payloads for weather and scientific satellites may design and manufactured.

Aerospace Materials

At the present time, the engineering design principle is developing light weight, more strong, reliable, durable and efficient systems.

Development of Aerospace Application Software’s

The space products shall be secured and commercialized by using company brand not only the hardware but also software system of the product.

Aerospace Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration, and Test Facilities Development

The research theme may concentrate on the design, development and manufacturing of highly accurate, precise, portable, easily maintainable, replaceable, and automated MAIT equipment’s that may not only used for aerospace industry but also for other manufacturing industries.

Space Robotics & Autonomous Systems Development

In the coming decades, autonomous systems (robotics, spacecraft, aircraft, etc.) will continue to change the way space is explored in even more fundamental ways, impacting both human and science exploration.

Launching Propulsion System Development

The Launch Propulsion Systems Technology Area (LPSTA) addresses technologies that enhance existing solid or liquid propulsion technologies or their related ancillary systems or significantly advance the technology readiness level (TRL) of newer systems like air-breathing, unconventional, and other launch technologies.

Aerospace Avionics

In this research theme we deal with the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, UAVs, Spacecraft.


Satellite and Astronomical instrument development and monitoring