Space Science and Application Research and Development

What We Do

Space science and application department was officially operated since October 2014 with Four PhD students and a few adjunct staffs, while the department was well grew with the accompany of EORC developing to ESSTI during 2017. Currently in September 2018 the department has seven staffs, seven PhD and four MSc students. Space Science and Application Research and Development (SSARD) strive in different scientific researches and technology development.

Ionospheric and magnetospheric Science

Characterizing and modeling the regional ionosphere, Effects and Mitigations of ionospheric disturbance on Ethiopian HF radio communications (Military and other sectors), Modeling and characterization of space weather elements, Space weather impacts and Sun and Earth interaction.

Atmospheric and Climate Science

Modeling to forecast regional climate change and shortage of rainfall, Coupling of ionosphere and lower atmosphere, Assessment spatial and temporal drought variability and its mitigation solution over East Africa region and Prediction of rain fall and drought reveals.

Technology and Software Development

Developing mobile application software for space weather application purpose, Launching space weather prediction center, Developing and assembling space radar, Atmospheric and space tracer sensor development and Helmholtz coil development for calibration of aviation magnetic compasses.