The 1st Aerospace Engineering conference

The 1st Aerospace Engineering conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia @ Elilly international Hotel. The opening ceremony of the conference opened by Dr. Yeshrun Alemayehu, Deputy Director of ESSTI followed by Recognition ceremony for those who participated in NASA Space App challenge. In addition, the women in Space Science & Space engineering (WISSE) research work group also launched during the opening ceremony of the conference.

The special plenary talk given by Dr. Joseph Shiferwa from South Korea virtually that highlight the general overview of aerospace technology, its current status and the way forwards that advise areas where Ethiopia should invest in the area. Scientific presentations and panel discussion presented in the conference. A total of 80 participants were attending the conference coming from Debremarkos university, Debre Tabor University Dilla University, Mizan Tepi University, Bishoftu Defense University, civil aviation, KMU, INSA, AAU, EBTI, GII, AASTU, ESSS, SGAC & ESSTI.