The 60th years Anniversary of Human Space Flight celebrated in Ethiopia

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On Monday 12th April 2021, the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) and the Russian Federation Embassy in Ethiopia jointly organized and celebrated the 60th years Anniversary of Human Space Flight at ESSTI head office, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

The first human space flight made by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is considered as a significant date in the history of mankind and pioneering spirit of space travel. The United Nations General Assembly declared 12th April as the International Day of Human Space Flight in dedication of the first manned space flight made on 12 April 1961 by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

On the occasion of the joint celebration of the Cosmonauts Day (April 12), invited officials, prominent scholars, students and youths from space science clubs were attend the event.  The event program contained the opening ceremony remarks by invited guests, ceremony of putting flowers on Yuri’s bust , presentation by talented kids and official launching of ESKC.

During the opening ceremony, the Russian Federation Embassy Deputy mission ministry councilor to Ethiopia Mr. Michael  Korneeive made an opening remarks and mentioned about the  contribution of Yuri’s first space flight how it  revolutionized the space exploration history. He appreciated the Ethiopian effort in investing on space infrastructure and capacity buildings to benefit the country’s development and economy. Mr. Michael also mentioned the support of Russia embassy to strengthen the relation between Ethiopia –Russia to further cooperate and work together in the space program.

Mr. Abdissa Yilma, General Director of ESSTI, in his part also expressed the solidarity and true friendship of Russia to Ethiopia and he mentioned the two countries   long term diplomatic relations that counts more than 120 years. Mr. Abdissa emphasized the significance of the first human space flight to the modern space travel development and inspiration it creates to the young generations. Mr. Abdissa further mentioned that the reason why Ethiopian space club ( ESKC) launched on this special day is to continue legacy of Yuri and to  inspire kids to be the future cosmonaut.

In addition to the 60th year anniversary of Human space flight, Ethiopian Space Kids Club (ESKC) is launched officially. ESKC is an ESSTI initiation to support and encourage Ethiopian talented kids in space and technology fields. ESKC is believed to have a great role in terms of inspiring Ethiopian kids and youths to be future space engineers, Scientists and astronauts, and work in space industry in the future.

During the event the human space flight past, present and future prospect was presented by ESKC members kids Robel  and  Mussa. Beside short explanation about ESCKS were presented by ESKC coordinators Natnael Fikadu and Betelhem Girma.