Major Research areas

  • Ionospheric modelling
  • Lower atmosphere, upper thermosphere/ionosphere and magnetosphere coupling
  • Electrodynamics of Equatorial and Low-Latitude Ionosphere
  • Regional climate, climate fluctuations, climate extremes and impact modeling
  • Surface energy balance and cloud physics


  • Space Weather Monitoring (SWM) centre project
  •  Beacon Receiver development
  • Weather Satellite receiver station development
  • Book chapter preparation project

Major achievements from the department

  • PhD graduates (3) so far and 1 more in preparation
  • more than 30 publications since 2018 as SSARD, you may check

Collaborations both nationally and internationally

  • North West University of South Africa, whom denoted a  Neutron Monitor to us and is on a process
  • SANSA space segment both in supervising our PhD students and training staff on Space weather (2018)
  • Bahir Dar university  
  • Mekelle University 
  • Addis  Ababa University